Monday, April 4, 2011


Crochet Club is coming to the rescue! We've decided that there are FAR too many crocheted blankets for sale for SO VERY LITTLE. Think of them all, sitting sad and lonely in a sceond hand shop, or even hiding away in a cupboard in someone's house. So we have a new venture: to rescue cheap crocheted rugs! To be honest, it's not benefitting anyone but us - but at least WE know that they'll be appreciated for how much work went into them...because we know how long they take to make!!

So. To begin our rug rescuing campaign, I purchased a massive blanket off Trademe (120 squares, fits a king sized bed!!!). It was made in the 70s, and is in perfect condition. And guess what. It only cost $48NZD. It's a disgrace! I couldn't bear the thought of slaving away over this ginormous thing for my efforts to be sold for a mere $48. I feel so sorry for the person who made it. BUT ANYWAY, it's in a good home now, safe and sound and dearly loved. We'll post them up as we find and buy them.

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  1. Hello,
    This is a fantastic giant blanket
    Greetings from Germany Crissi