Friday, January 21, 2011

Doughnuts, Cravings & A Free Pattern

 What do we love about doughnuts? Is it the taste or how cute they look? Or is it both?
I love how they look, sitting on a plate, a symphony of sprinkles and icing. Perfect indulgent gorgeousness. I also love how they taste, that satisfying blend of texture and delicious sugary stodge.

But eating them as often as I’d like is just not sensible or wise!!
My solution is not very original, but the crocheted doughnut really is a win/win everlasting food experience...You get the doughnut, but it’s impossible to eat.

This is a great way to please the senses with a zero calorie intake.  Fortunately it can apply to all food types because virtually anything is crochet-able. ­

You can find the doughnut pattern here and on our website.
Satisfy the doughnut temptation and the crochet impulse all at once.  Next time you want a sweet treat crochet one instead. Your craving will gone by the time you’ve finished and you’ll have something to show for it too- something that won’t be on your waistline.



  1. Just gorgeous! Its amusing what some crochet and lots of creativity can do!

  2. Oooh lovely!! So cute. Welcome to the Blogasphere! xx